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  1. I was there for BOMEX ’69. We also flew a tethered balloon at the UN Weather Site on the West side of the Island.

    My short time in Barbados is etched in my memory as one of the happiest, best times of my life. My first time outside of the US, on a tropical island, doing work I loved, and lived for. Meeting people very different from my homeland, and learning to love them. I listened to the landing of Apollo Eleven on the moon, over the BBC, learned to snorkel, discovered new foods, and a different way of life. I learned to drive on the wrong side of the road, and the gas pedal on a Mini-Mote was not as big as my big toe! I remember Thor Heyerdahl and Ra 1, looking out to sea from the beach on the Northeast Bathsheba coast, the Southern Cross, and so much more. What a magnificent land and people!

    I told my wife that I would love to take her there, but life has interfered with that, and now I am very old, and tired, with much sorrow. But, once, long ago, I was 24 years old, and visited Paradise. I wept when I discovered the loss of Sam Lords Castle. I still have the photos I took when there, and sometimes take them out, and remember…….

    Thank you, Barbados, and all of your people. You accepted a young man from a small town in Alabama USA, and gave him a richer, fuller life, with your goodness, beauty, Calypso music, and don’t forget the vanilla ice cream made with Mount Gay Rum! God Blessed you with so much, and you shared it with me. Thank You. May God continue to Bless you.

    Ed Mallory

    • My father Herbert Chadwick was part of BOMEX & my mother & I did travel to Barbados to visit afterwards. I remember Sam Lord’s castle and the exquisite beaches there. My father had worked for the US Government as an Upper Air Specialist during the Atlantic Weather Project. I know he was proud of his participation in BOMEX. He was on the USCGS Oceanographer 4/22/69 – 7/29/69.

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