Cable & Wireless in Barbados — 4 Comments

  1. This has provided some background information for some research I am doing on early telecommunications in Barbados. Do you have any other accounts specifically related to using Telex or operating cables?

  2. I agree. Radio Telecommunication has advanced way beyond the expectations of 50 years ago. I consider myself fortunate to have worked through this transition. Most of the equipment shown I have worked on. Our external communication went from Cable to Radio, to Fibre Optic Cable. I suspect that in a few years it will revert to Radio again. The cycle keeps repeating itself every few years.

    • Great story, William, do you do Ham Radio as well.. Robert’s Uncle Harold Bowen worked at Cable Wireless for years and Mr. Laslhley( in the War days.) who lived inSt. George Jane and Rosie, daughters went to CHS, Jane , Jan’s age, Rosie , either Wendy Hoad or my age. I spent some weekends there , and that is where I watched him Ham Radio stuff., so very interesting.

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