Chicken Rita’s. Where Bajan’s go for seasoned fried chicken! — 4 Comments

  1. Chicken Rita’s is really laid back and not a place for a dress up dinner! We go to Barbados each year for six weeks and Chicken Rita”s is a place we go to almost every week. It is hard to describe as it is a mix of rum shop and restaurant. Food there is fried chicken, french fries, salad and a chocolate cake. The fried chicken is really the best you will have in Barbados. Most nights are busy and they have seating for about thirty max so try to arrive by six. Friday night is usually the slow night as most are going to Oistins to take in the fish fry. There is no bus route to Rita’s so you will have to take a taxi from Oistin’s that is about $20 Barbados dollars. If there is going to be a bunch going, consider getting a van to take you there. Oh, Chicken Rita’s is open seven days a week and they don’t close until the last person leaves.

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