Colin Hudson Great Train Hike 2015 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Carson.
    I grew up at Three Houses Factory from 1953 until 1970 when the factory closed. I remember your Grand Mother very well and had many a Bread & 2 and Mauby from her. Also there was Mr. Beckles that operated a donkey drawn snow Ball cart to the West of the Factory in Crop time.
    I would like to meet you and revisit the old home. I will be doing the train hike this year.
    Cheers, William

  2. Hi Burts, I will be coming home for the Colin Hudson Great Train hike Feb 21 2016. Question for you do you know where I can access any pictures of the Three Houses Sugar Factory. My Grandmother Florence King used to sell bread and fish cakes, pastries and mauby in the bicycle shed to the north east side of the factory so I grew up there from 9 yrs old. Would like to capture those memories as that factory was the life blood of many workers in the St. Philip North area.

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