Torpedoing of the Cornwallis in Carlisle Bay, Barbados, 11th September 1942: 75th Anniversary — 4 Comments

  1. There was also a man of French origin who who was arrested as a spy and was detained on Pelican Island.

    This man was Pierre Maffei who eventually had a tailor’s establishment in Bridgetown and built the Rockley Hotel where the Mall is now and next door, the Blue Waters Hotel.
    I believe he was from France.

    • I was told this story many years back about Pierre Maffie and was told he was Italian and because of Mussolini and Hitler’s alliance he was banished to Pelican Island , Don’t know if the same was true of France although it was occupied in the beginning of WW11. CB Rice was the biggest and best tailors in Barbados .I Stayed at The Rockley many years ago .

  2. Excellent. Well researched and put together. I really like how you have incorporated so many personal stories and recollections of the event. This is a great addition to Barbados’ historical materials.

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