Keeping fish fresh before refrigeration — 3 Comments

  1. There was a similar such pool at the Cacrabank Hotel. From my recollection, in the mid 50’s – early 60’s, it was not used to house fish or turtles, previously to that, it could have been used to keep turtles??? What I remember about it was that it was a large oblong area cut out of the coral/limestone and the sea at times would rush in from one end and the bottom was covered with sand. Seeing it was located at one of the early hotels, could this have been a sort of safe swimming pool for hotel guests?

  2. Sam Lord’s pool was a turtle holding pool.

    The Foul Bay stone structure was a drainage well. Its a long story but in the very early days of settlement, rain water from the Drax Hall/Kendal area used to come down through a cutting in the rock cliff on Halton Plantation and keep Carrington flooded as a swamp. The water used to flow towards Foul Bay on to the beach and into the sea. This happened until two dams with suck wells were dug in those cuttings at Halton Plantation to prevent the water from flooding Carrington, and it was only then that those lands in the bottom around there could be planted with cane. I think that the deepest part was called Sobers Bottom where Kendal Country Club is presently situated. That concrete structure was probably a drainage well. See the very old history books on Barbados.

  3. I never knew ‘Mother Frog’ as Quammings Rock but my father often said that the rock used to be joined to land and fish / turtles kept in it. We used to traverse ‘Pa’ hill often. I had heard of a house in the area but never knew where it was. There is a ‘reservoir’ to the right of Pa hill which was built to supply a couple of Bath houses with water, before the BWA lines were run to that end of Bath.

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