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William Burton is the editor of BajanThings.com. BajanThings.com reflects my three loves: preserving handed down Bajan history, hiking and international travel.

Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk

St. Bees to Robin Hood Bay – In the footsteps of Alfred Wainwright

It’s time for another coast to coast walk. In November 2019 the world heard about a virus in China that was causing great concern to some doctors who spoke out. At first little was known as the Chinese Authorities were giving the impression that they had it under control and it was nothing to worry …

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Richard Goddard: 1935 - 2021

Richard Goddard – 1935 to 2021

Richard Goddard tribute by William Burton I first met Richard Goddard through my parents. But it was not until the early 1980’s that I joined his Sunday morning walks which started at Union Hall where he lived at the time. Soon groups from the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme joined as part of their qualification. …

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Westward Ho! - Charles Kingsley - Engraving

How they came to Barbados and found no men therein…

Amyas Preston was an English privateer of the Elizabethan period. Preston came from Cricket, St Thomas in Somerset.   He took part in many wars and battles in support of England. Among these were the Preston Somers Expedition in 1595. The Preston–Somers expedition was a series of military actions that took place from late May till …

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic - Barbados. All hikes organised by the: Barbados National trust and Barbados Hiking Association have been cancelled until further notice.

Hiking in Barbados | Run246 | The Barbados Hiking Association

Barbados PM Mia Motley in her Covid-19 update of 9th September 2021 announced with immediate effect hiking in groups is banned. Please check the Barbados Hiking Association Facebook Announcement page for further information. Run246 produce a regular listing of road running, trail running, triathlon, obstacle course racing and hiking events that take place across Barbados. …

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Lump of Manjak - Barbados


The origins of Barbados and the Petroleum deposits we see in the Scotland area began about 50 million years ago and approximately 4 km below the sea level.  The rivers of South America were depositing layers of gravel, sand and organic material across the ocean floor.  The sea was populated with small marine organisms and …

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Havana Cuba


Cuba is a country that is misrepresented and misunderstood by the rest of the world. I have a very different view from that portrayed in the press and internet. Cubans are very proud of their heritage and history. Their education and health care systems are much better than most countries. There are many Colectivos (shared …

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The Great Outdoors Challenge 2019

The Great Outdoors (TGO) Challenge 2019

The Great Outdoor Challenge celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019. It was conceived by Hamish Brown as a self-supported backpacking crossing of Scotland. Roger Smith was the editor of the TGO Magazine and he supported the idea when Hamish approached him. There are no categories or prizes. Everyone gets the same T-shirt, thanks to Berghaus …

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1909 Arrival Panama of SS. Ancon with 1,500 labourers from Barbados

Panama Canal

The idea of creating a water passage between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea was first considered as far back as the early 1500’s.  Charles 1st of Spain wanted a faster and safer route from the west coast of South America to Spain and he commissioned a survey of a possible route.  They did …

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