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Peter Burton is part of the BajanThings crew. He is a co-editor of with his cousin William Burton. Peter and William started BajanThings in December 2014 with the aim of building a website that focused on William's three loves: preserving handed down Bajan history, hiking and international travel. Peter maintains the BajanThings website and writes the occasional BajanThings post. Peter was born in Trinidad to Bajan parents. Peter's father, Jim Burton, worked in the oil industry, so as a child Peter grew up as a "third culture kid" in Trinidad, Barbados, England, Nigeria, Iran and Malta. He left Trinidad in 1970 aged 11 and went as a boarder to the Lodge School in Barbados. In 1971 he went to boarding school in England when his parents left Trinidad. His father retired to England in 1982. As an adult Peter has lived in England, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong. After 20+ years in Asia, spent mainly in Hong Kong, Peter in 2014 returned to England and now lives in Surrey with his family. Peter trained as an engineer. In his early career he worked as a management consultant. Since 1998 he has worked in the field of advertising technology and programmatic advertising. Peter's day-time job is with with the start-up: SOLV Technology who have developed geo-defined advertising tools to help locate missing people and children. SOLV work with Law Enforcement Agencies, Emergency Response Agencies and Missing Persons Charities / NGOs to deliver messages that are broadcast as advertising banners within defined geographic areas on websites accepting commercial advertising.

Leo Schultz photos album - Training in Canada

F/O Leo Leslie Schultz RAAF – 1921 to 1990

Errol Barrow’s crew in RAF 88 Squadron, “B” Flight, Second Tactical Air Force (2TAF) during World War II consisted of: English pilot Andy Cole and the two Australian rear wireless operator and air gunners (WAGs): Leo Schultz and Allen “Shorty” Stewart. BajanThings has covered both Errol Barrow’s time in the Royal Air Force (RAF) and his […]

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person reaching out to a robot

A BajanThings 101 on AI Chatbots: ChatGPT and Bard. Why you MUST fact check the output…

Here is a BajanThings 101 on AI Chatbots – using Errol Barrow’s time in the RAF from 1940 to 1947 as the reference source. Artificial Intelligence (AI) ChatBots like ChatGPT and Bard are being promoted as the “next BIG thing”. With any new technology, there are bound to be some teething problems and issues that need

A BajanThings 101 on AI Chatbots: ChatGPT and Bard. Why you MUST fact check the output… Read More

Rediffusion radio

Rediffusion Barbados (1934 -1997)

Barbados Rediffusion was born 31 years before Barbados was granted its independence from Britain in 1966 and it died peacefully exactly 31 years after that event. IPS Correspondent Terry Ally – “Barbados Rediffusion: The End of an Era in Broadcasting History” For a long while in the 1950s to 1960s, Rediffusion was the lone radio

Rediffusion Barbados (1934 -1997) Read More

Artist: Ashley Bickerton

Barbadian born artist: Ashley Bickerton (1959 – 2022)

Ashley Bickerton artist, born Barbados 26th May 1959; died Bali, Indonesia 30th November 2022. In 2021 he was diagnosed with ALS, (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease – a form of Motor Neurone Disease (MND). ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease without a cure that affects nerves in your brain and spinal

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world energy fuel crisis

World Fuel crisis, fuel poverty in 2022

[Updated Aug 2023 with actual results of savings for period August 2022 to August 2023 – skip to end for results.] 2022 is the year of the world energy crisis. The cost of gas and electricity has skyrocketed. From the COVID-19 pandemic crisis over the last two years we have moved to Putin’s Ukraine annexation

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Queen Elizabeth II visit to Barbados February 1966

Remembering EIIR 1926 – 2022

Here we remember HM Queen Elizabeth II (21st April 1926 – 8th September 2022). Queen Elizabeth II’s historic 70 year reign marks the end of Great Britain’s longest ever reigning monarch and a truly remarkable life of service. We take this opportunity to remember Queen Elizabeth II’s five state visits to Barbados: Editor’s note: Backstory to

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Old Warri warriors St. Peter Barbados

The game of Warri

“Warri is a game with several different names, including wari (or owari), wao, awèlè, awela, ayo, aji, awari, oware and ouri. This game is of the pit-and-pebble family, which originated in Ancient Egypt some 3,500 years ago, making it one of the oldest games in the world. The word “warri” means houses and this game

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