Laggan Stores and Coffee Bothy

The Zeilsdorfs are a Canadian Family who have made Scotland their home for the past eight years and have invested a lot of their time and hard earned money into refurbishing and operating Laggan Stores and Coffee Bothy in Laggan, Scotland.

This is the only such place for miles around and is a place of refuge for tired cyclists, hill-walkers, backpackers and those motoring through. After a day in the surrounding hills a cup of tea and a sandwich is sorely needed. The home-made cookies are worth the walk.

Their 3 children attend school in the area and the family are part of the community of the village.

Unfortunately the Zeilsdorfs will be deported from Scotland early in May 2017 by the immigration department. Even if they cannot sell their business. The local community are very supportive of them staying but it is now up to someone in an office far away.

For small villages to survive one of the essential things it needs are business to give those passing a reason to stop. The money spent goes directly into the local community and not some Multi –National Corporation. There is now no reason to stop in Laggan.

I visited this oasis twice on my TGO crossings.

There is a petition (which can only be signed by residents of the UK) to make those in power aware of the need to keep this hard working family in Laggan so that their store can continue to be a life line for those who live or are passing through the area.

The Link to the Petition is here.     

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