Circuit of Cordillera Huayhuash – Peru

Circuit of Cordillera Huayhuash – Peru

The Cordillera Huayhuash (pronounced Y-WASH) is a mountain range in Central Peru. It is a sparsely populated region but well known for it’s many 6,000+ Meter mountains, glaciers and rugged terrain. It’s a magnet for mountaineers and hikers from all over the world. In August 2010 I joined a group for a 14-day hike in …

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Mount Roraima – Venezuela

Mount Roraima – Venezuela

The lands between Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil are noted for their Tepuis. These are mountains that rise with sheer cliffs from the surrounding savanna. The most famous of these is Mount Roraima. The sheer cliff face rises vertically over 400 meters from the savanna. For many years it was thought that this was un-climable until …

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Bajan Hot Pepper Sauce

Bajan Hot Pepper Sauce

Bajan hot pepper sauce is served with everything in Barbados. Recipes and preferences vary and like Bajan Seasoning each cook or family has their own “secret” recipe. Bajan hot pepper sauce is of a thick consistency with a bright yellow colour that is flecked with pieces of red Barbados Bonney hot peppers. At first taste …

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Delish Bajan Seasoning

Bajan Seasoning

Bajan seasoning is found in almost every home and is the secret to the success for many mouth-watering Bajan dishes.  One of the favourite uses is to place it between the meat and skin of fish or chicken before grilling, baking, or frying. Most Bajan’s today use a ready made alternative such as:  Delish Bajan …

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Bajan Flying Fish n Chips

Bajan Fried Flying Fish

There are a great number of variations on this favourite Bajan speciality: Bajan flying fish. Flying fish is sometimes found frozen in the supermarket; if it’s not available, substitute any mild white fish, such as flounder. 8 small flying fish fillets 2 limes (use one if they are large and juicy) 1 tablespoon of salt …

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Bajan rum punch

Bajan Rum Punch

One of sour, Two of sweet, Three of strong, and, Four of weak is the rhyme Bajan’s use to mix a rum punch. 1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice 2 cups Bajan raw cane sugar syrup (thick) 3 cups Bajan rum (Burts preference is Cockspur!) 4 cups water A few dashes of Angostura Bitters Grated …

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Careenage Shrimp Boats July 1970 Jim Webster

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BajanThings is all about Barbadian things.  Bajan history. Interesting Bajan people. Hiking in Barbados and Overseas. International Travel… reflects my three loves: preserving handed down Bajan history hiking and international travel. The BajanThings home page lists all the posts in chronological order.  The BajanThings website navigation bar is categorised so you can easily find …

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