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General details about how the BajanThings website is built can be found in this category: Website.

Details on the technology of how BajanThings is built and some of the plugins we use to optimise the website can be found in the category: Website Technology.

  • Tent Bay, St. Joseph, Barbados

    Tent Bay, St. Joseph, Barbados

    As part of the 2024 new year update and spring clean we have updated the BajanThings homepage. The new BajanThings homepage features a hero image of a fishing boat at Tent Bay, St. Joseph. Going forward we aim to change the hero image on the homepage regularly – and will add a homepage hero images…

  • Building the BajanThings website

    Building the BajanThings website

    This is about how we built the BajanThings website. This section is a bit techie so feel free to skip straight to the BajanThings Postings. The BajanThings website uses the self-hosted version of WordPress: a free and open-source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS). According to W3Tech, WordPress is used by more than…