Beautiful Barbados

Here are some pictures of our  island that only those of us who enjoy hiking and walking in the gullies and trails will ever see. Every parish has similar spots but there are way too many to include all of them here.

St. Thomas

These were taken within a 1Km distance of the official Dump.

St. Philip

Christ Church

St. Lucy

St. George


Clean Up Barbados Saturday 19th September 2020 which is
also “World Clean Up Day”. Lock “Clean Up Barbados” into your calendar.  And register TODAY.

Pick Up De Ting - Clean Up Barbados - 19 September 2020

Be a part of Clean Up Barbados 2020 by registering your plans for participation here TODAY.

Event date is: Saturday 19th September 2020.

#PickUpDeTing  #CleanUpBarbados  #LiveGreen  #BeGreen  #CleanBin

On the Saturday 19th September 2020 – more than 10,000 lbs of litter and illegally dumped materials from Barbados’ landscape was picked up by volunteers. Read more about Clean Up Barbados 2020 at the Future Centre Trust.

11 thoughts on “Beautiful Barbados”

  1. I met with some reps from the Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre at a Horticultural Society of Barbados event in January 2020. Do Barbadians not know about this facility ? Maybe a work project could be set up to clean up these sites to recycle and dispose of this discarded stuff in illegal dumps.

  2. This comment was sent to us by Maureen Nugent:

    Not very pretty pictures of Beautiful Barbados! I remember with Brathwaite and Mum coming home from town Brath would often take the short cut through the Belle Plantation, and coming around a bend in the road on the right hand side would be a lot of junk, even an old rusted car!

  3. Please send these to the SSA and the one of what looks like a cock fighting ring to the Police along with the location.

  4. This comment was sent to us by Glen Yates:

    Thank you for your posting. It makes me very sad seeing those images. They are important to get them out and possibly have people realize the damage that they are inflicting on such a wonderful island.

    I love Barbados and would love to come down and shout from the highest places to get the act together to please clean up the island.

    Your friend.


  5. This comment was sent to us by Doug McGrory:

    The photos by the crew show that a number of people are just dumping junk and garbage anywhere they want. It is very disgusting, they should be fined when found. A shame to do this on such a beautiful island.

  6. This comment was sent to us by Irving Skinner:

    But, that is disgusting. I know the Island generally was unkempt with strewn street garbage and have heard and read of the garbage situation for decades. Attempts have been made to help and also educate, but to absolutely no improving end. If lack of any pride is so grossly wide spread, some sort of very heavy hand should be brought to bear. There should be unassailable visual coverage of these and all sites at these places. Obviously, everyone is aware of them.

  7. I had thought you had accidentally spelt it wrong – now I understand! It’s very sad to see this but it’s been a problem for decades – there needs to be a concerted effort from the top down – a conservation core of young people who are paid to help clean all of this up.
    Humans are garbage makers that’s for sure. And out of sight out of mind!

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