Memorials for departed friends

Doctor & Professor Sam Cavney, George Baker, Ray Beamer and Bob Scott

Between the demolished Long Beach Hotel and the HARP Gun are 3 Cairns built in memory of Sam, Ray and George. For many years I have walked past and wondered who these three men were.

Recently Beverly and I walked there. She knew the history about it and got in touch with Sylvia Scott, who kindly supplied the following:

Sam, Ray & George
Sam, Ray & George

While Hiking, if you come across three Cairns, please note that this is a memorial site, for friends we loved dearly, who brought us much joy and laughter.

The first cairn was built for our dear friend who passed away in 1998, Doctor & Professor Sam Cavney from Tennessee.

Two were cairns were to join Sam, George Baker from Pennsylvania and Ray Beamer from Michigan. All were professional and respected men. Their friends built the cairns, visit the memorial every year and add a small stone of remembrance to each cairn.

Please respect these Cairns as you pass by.

Provided by Sylvia Scott.

A fourth cairn has been added in memory of Robert (Bob) Scott who died on the 5th August 2018.  Bob built the other cairns for his friends.  His friends built the fourth cairn for him.

I often stop on my regular evening walk and spend time enjoying the view and solitude. I add a stone to one of them and make sure that the area is tidy.

Keith Laurie O.B.E

Keith Laurie OBE

Keith Laurie was an Agriculturist, Farmer, Senator, and wore many other hats.

Laurie was a former president of the Barbados Agricultural Society and the Sheep Farmers’ Association and had a particular interest in the Barbados black belly sheep.

He served as Barbados’ Honorary Consul for Haiti, devoting time, energy and money to that Caribbean country’s welfare.

The last few meters is a step climb but the view is worth the effort.
The last few meters is a step climb but the view is worth the effort.

Keith was also a Eucharistic Minister and dynamic member of the congregation of Our Lady of the Rosary Church at Verdun, St. John.

After he died his family and friends erected this cross on a hill overlooking the East Coast Road.

It can be reached from the East Coast road on any of the tracks north of Barclays Park. Otherwise you can walk from the road at the end of The Potteries.

Both are good trails. The last part involves some rock climbing that may present a challenge to some. The view is worth the effort.

Click here to read the eulogy to Keith Laurie by his younger brother Peter Laurie.

Rene de Beauville

You have to look carefully to see this cairn.
You have to look carefully to see this cairn.

Rene de Beauville was driving a car along Cave Hill and had a flat tire. While he was changing it a man attacked and robbed him of his cell phone. During the struggle he was hit on the head with a piece of wood and died of his injuries.

There is a small cairn on the track between Consett Bay and Bath. It is just as you get to the top on the hill, before turning inland to avoid the chalk hill.

From this point you can see the East Coast from Consett Point to Cove Bay.

Rene walked with the Hash House Harriers every Saturday evening and they erected this monument in his memory. If you pass this way please add another stone.

Thanks to David Marshall for providing this information.

Joe & Betty Burton

Daddy went to work at Three Houses Factory on the 15th July 1940 and worked there until the factory closed in 1970. He married mummy on the 11th November 1950.

Until 1959 they lived in the house close to the spring. After a spell in Trinidad, where Daddy went to be cured of Tuberculosis, and a year at Ragged Point we moved into a house closer to the factory. We lived next to “Bob” Reece who besides being the factory manager, was the official weather forecaster for the island. He also built a helicopter in his spare time.

We spent many happy times in this area. This bench is fitting memorial for two peaceful and happy people.

Daddy died on 28th April 1995 and Mummy on the 20th November 2013.   They are buried with her parents in Westbury cemetery.

Joe & Betty Burton memorial plaque
Joe & Betty Burton's memorial bench
Joe & Betty Burton’s memorial bench near the spring at Three Houses Factory

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Responses to “Memorials for departed friends”

  1. Jim Webster

    After hiking to the cross yesterday morning I was pleased to find more details about Keith Laurie, the man behind the cross. As always, Bajan Things has captured and recorded another hidden gem of Bajan history.

  2. Veronica Laurie

    Thanks. Lovely to see that people are discovering Keith Laurie’s cross. Preparations were made before he passed, so he knew it was going to be done. He had dreamed of it for 20 years and actually had it in his will. I have only made it part of the way, as I am not fond of heights, the last bit was too much for me.

    It was a labour of love by “the Men” of the family who went out, mostly on weekends, very early in the morning. The Men included Peter, Andrew, Geoff, Ivor, Myron, Henry with occasional help from Roger & Urkel.

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