Celestine’s Bajan Food Restaurant

Celestine’s Bajan food restaurant is run by Celestine Giles and Esta Butcher on the road leading to Harrison’s Cave. It serving delicious home-cooked Bajan food.  It is frequented by locals either as a quick lunch stop while at work or after a hike in the area.

A growing number of visitors have found this unique spot. It is good for lunch while visiting Harrison’s Cave, Welshman Hall Gulley, Hunts Gardens or the Flower Forest.

Celestine’s many homemade drinks, like Mango, Sour Sop, Golden Apple, Lemonade and Sorrell are made from locally picked fruit. Her dishes include Flying Fish, Chicken, Rice & Peas and Macaroni Pie.

Friday the special is Salt Fish and Cou-Cou. Served in a large bowl with Sweet Potato, Pickle Cucumber and Okra. It’s REALLY worth driving across the island for!

Celestine's Bajan food restaurant preparing fresh seasoning
The seasoning is prepared fresh every day from locally grown herbs.

Celestine uses local produce. Her garden and the surrounding farms grow the herbs and vegetables used in her kitchen.

In addition, most days she bakes coconut bread. But these are usually sold out by 10am to her regular customers.  If you are visiting the cave, stop on the way in and reserve it to collect when you stop for lunch on the way out. Fish Cakes (Locally called Bread & 2) are served as a morning snack to tide you over to lunch time.

These ladies are an example of someone who through hard work, a good product and catering to the customer has made a good living in a very competitive environment.

Celestine’s is on the way to Harrison’s Cave: Allan View, St. Thomas, Barbados.

Celestine Bajan Food
Celestine’s Bajan food Restaurant which is on the the way to Harrison’s Cave. Celestine’s, Allan View, St. Thomas, Barbados.

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Responses to “Celestine’s Bajan Food Restaurant”

  1. Andy Rudder

    English curly parsley is an essential flavoring in some Bajan dishes. I’ve tried the flat leaf Italian parsley but the flavors don’t match, especially for souse and fried chicken seasoning.

  2. Staff at Harrison’s Cave suggested Celestine for lunch and what a wonderful surprise it was. Real Bajan food seasoned to perfection (can I please have the recipe for rice and peas). The fish was perfect and the shepherds pie should be exported to the UK. Wonderful lady and great customers to exchange views, the news and whatever else. Keep going Celestine! I bought the pigeon peas at the market so could you pleeezze share your ideas. You told me you do your own seasoning. By the way, your Sorrell drink was fantastic and I bought the dried sorrel at the supermarket. My husband wants to leave me and marry you.

    HIllia Holland in Wimbledon, London

  3. My taxi driver brought me here for juice, bread, and fish cakes. Amazing!!!!

  4. Kalaba

    We had the most delicious example of Bajan cuisine here. Every part of the meal was incredibly tasty and Celestine was a wonderful host.

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