Feuding Chase brothers vault – Christ Church Parish church, Barbados

Below are photographs of the famous Chase Vault, located in the south-west corner of Christ Church Parish churchyard.  Sixty meters from the Church Government school.

Two Chase brothers, who hated each other and had many furious fights during their life-time, were buried with their coffins placed side by side in the vault; and they continued their feud by fighting with their coffins.  In spite of the fact that the vault entrance had been sealed, the noises enumerating from it could be distinctly heard outside.  This resulted in the church fathers opening the vault on three separate occasions to investigate the cause of the noise.  No reason was found to explain the noises heard, however, the coffins were not positioned as they had been laid out; not only had they shifted, but lay smashed.

After the third occasion, Lord Combermere, who was the Governor of Barbados at that time; journeyed by horse and carriage the six miles from Government House and ordered that the coffins be buried separately, one opposite the north-west end of the church yard and other on the southern side of the church yard; leaving the vault empty and open.  It has remained in this state down the years.

You can click on the thumbnail images below to see a larger image with captions.

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