Colin Hudson Great Train Hike 2015

The Colin Hudson Great Train Hike 2015  took place on Sunday 20th February. The official start was 6am but some started as early as 4am or later in small groups at times that suited them. This meant that the trail was not overloaded with walkers which would have slowed everyone down. Everyone was able to walk at their own pace and with whom they wanted to. I started at 5.15am. The route for the Colin Hudson Great Train Hike follows the abandoned rail track that went from Bridgetown to Bell Plain. The distance is approximately 40Km and takes between 3 and 6 hours.

The morning was dry and cool for the first 2 or 3 hours. I was pulled along by a faster walker for the first 6Km. Then I eased off the pace to one more suited to me. I did not want to run out of coal before the end!

As I passed  Salters and Valley Plantations the sun was rising behind a dark rain cloud and a short but heavy shower met us at the Busy Park Station. For a while this made the walking difficult as the black soil stuck to the shoes.

I reached Three Houses by 8.30, which put me right on schedule. Three Houses was one of the sugar factories that the train passed.

Other factories were Constant, Bulkeley, Carrington, Foursquare (on a branch line that went to the Crane Hotel), Harrow, Busy Park, Bath and Haggatts. The Train would have transported the sugar and molasses to Bridgetown for shipment to England.

Burton's Hole
Burton’s Hole. The train would have had a good supply of water at Three Houses.

I made a rest stop at “Burton’s Hole” for refreshment, and continued on to Fortescue, Consett and Bath.

Burton’s Hole is a small pond named after my father by the workers of the factory in the 50’s and 60’s. I only learnt of this a few years ago when walking in the area and visited a rum shop for a beer. When we were children my Brother and I swam and fished in it many times.

After Bath the walk to Bathsheba is along the scenic East Coast passing Martins Bay, Glenburnie, Three Boys Rock, and Tent Bay. There is major erosion of the coast and in some places the sea has reclaimed the land by as much as 4 meters.

I had my final stop at Bathsheba. This was, and still is, a holiday location for Bajans. I ate the last of my food and rested my feet. I reached the East Coast Road at noon and 1 hour later arrived at Sand Dunes Café in Bell Plain for my finishing medal and beer.

I was welcomed by those who started ahead of me and quite a few who started after! I remember being passed in Glenburnie by a man who started at 6am. But I did have about 45 years’ experience on him!

Congratulations to those who organised the walk and arranged for the marking and clearing of the route, water stops, tents, medals and provided help to those who needed it along the way. As with most events there are a few unsung heroes who make it enjoyable for the majority.

This walk takes place through the main agricultural belt of the island. With a little effort the surrounding land could feed the entire population of the island. With the exception of The Valley Plantation and Sunbury/ Hampton there is very little agriculture. This is not a good sign for the future of the island.

In 2018 the date for the Colin Hudson Memorial Train Hike is February 18th. Start time is 6am but many start at 4am or 5am.  Some hikers join the “train” at Three Houses. So get a friend and join is.

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Responses to “Colin Hudson Great Train Hike 2015”

  1. William

    Hi Carson.
    I grew up at Three Houses Factory from 1953 until 1970 when the factory closed. I remember your Grand Mother very well and had many a Bread & 2 and Mauby from her. Also there was Mr. Beckles that operated a donkey drawn snow Ball cart to the West of the Factory in Crop time.
    I would like to meet you and revisit the old home. I will be doing the train hike this year.
    Cheers, William

  2. Carson D. Lorde

    Hi Burts, I will be coming home for the Colin Hudson Great Train hike Feb 21 2016. Question for you do you know where I can access any pictures of the Three Houses Sugar Factory. My Grandmother Florence King used to sell bread and fish cakes, pastries and mauby in the bicycle shed to the north east side of the factory so I grew up there from 9 yrs old. Would like to capture those memories as that factory was the life blood of many workers in the St. Philip North area.

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