Crop Over 1988 – Mac Fingall

One Night in a Calypso Tent

Crop Over circa 1988. Imagine a gymnasium, standing room only with Untouchables, RPB, Bumba, Duke Check-e.d. Shirt WBB, Ras Iley, Miss B, De Devil, Prince Yellow pouring out sweet Calypso and Ragga Soca. Mac Fingall as M.C. keeping it hot between each performer. The audience enjoying every moment. Ready for anything.

Suddenly, between performances, 3 beautiful Bajan Ladies interrupt Mac Fingall by walking slowly in front of the stage. They look good and know it. The crowd goes silent as everyone admires their beauty. Mac pauses to enjoy. The girls walk slowly, enjoying the attention. Mac follows them. They reach their seats and take their time sitting giving everyone a smile. You could hear a pin drop ………..

Mac slowly raises his microphone and looks at the audience and says “And some men will go and bull?”

The entire gym erupts in spontaneous laughter and merriment. On with the show!

Responses to “Crop Over 1988 – Mac Fingall”

  1. Eddie Edwards

    ….. but the gymnasium was completed in 1992…

    1. William Burton

      Hi Eddie
      Good call. So it must have been in the early 1990’s. But the memory of that night is still fresh!.
      Thanks, W

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