Frederick Gustave Ameile Delisle Saphile Wooding Deane RAMC FRCS Nov 1859 to 31 Oct 1935

Surgeon: Frederick Gustave Ameile Delisle Saphile Wooding Deane was born in Nevis of Barbadian Parents. His parents were Joseph Dean and Mary Elizabeth Ashby Wooding. Joseph Deane was working in the sugar industry at the time. When the family returned home Frederick went to school at Harrisons College.

After completing his education in Barbados he went to medical school in Scotland. He married Helen Carr and together they had four children. She died of swamp Fever. He worked for a while in British Guiana, now called Guyana.

Maud Deane (nee Batson) died when the SS City of Benaris was torpedoed.

His second wife died soon after they were married. His third wife was Maud Batson, and they had six children. One of their sons, David Sewell Deane, (1918 – 22nd September 1943) joined the RAF in WW2 and was killed when his plane crash landed.

Maud died when the SS City of Benaris was torpedoed by a U-Boat on 18th September 1940. Maud was sailing from Liverpool to Canada, and was caring for children who were escaping the horrors of WW2.

At the outbreak of World War 1 Frederick Gustave Ameile Delisle  Wooding Deane joined the Royal Army Medical Corps and served with distinction in France. He rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

After a spell he was transferred to  a military hospital in Edinburgh. Here he treated both allied and German patients.

After the war he was presented with a dinner gong made by the German POWs in recognition of treatment he gave them. This is kept by his grandson, Mr. Geoffrey Dean, at his home in St. Philip.  He also received a leather wallet which is also kept by his grandson.

He was also presented with a drawing of one of his children as a token of appreciation for the treatment he gave them during their recovery. These gifts show the gratitude that his patients had for him for the part he played in getting them well.

Tansy Bishop, National Archivist with the Jane Cameron National Archives in the Falkland Islands supplied the  following information:

Dr. Frederick Gustav Wooding DEANE, his wife Maud Gorringe DEANE née BASTON and their three children, Freda Sewell Wooding DEANE, Wilfred Sewell Wooding DEANE and David Sewell Wooding DEANE,  arrived in Stanley (Falkland Islands) on the 19th August 1920 on board the Orita. 

Dr. Deane had been appointed Colonial Surgeon. 

On 28th September 1920 a daughter, Heather Sewell Wooding DEANE, was born in Stanley. 

Dr. Deane was suspended from duty 23rd December 1927 for improper collection of personal fees, the neglect or ill treatment of patients and drunkenness. 

Dr. Deane and his family departed for Barbados on the Lagarto 9th April 1928.

Frederick Gustave Ameile Delisle Saphile Wooding Deane died in Barbados on 31st October 1935 and is buried at Westbury Cemetery.

I wish to thank Mr. Geoffrey Deane for taking the time to give us this information and allowing me into his home to take these pictures.

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  1. It allows this generation to actually learn the stark realities of life during the wars to read such human stories as these. An important contribution to history. Even a small island did not escape the involvements in wartime. Good story! JH in U.S.

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