Living in Barbados with COVID-19

With the first day of the curfew caused by COVID-19 life on Barbados has completely changed. Most business are now closed and the essential ones have reduced opening hours. This is bad news for the many who work by the hour or have part time jobs. However it is the only sensible thing that the government can do.

Here are some of my thoughts and recommendations on coping  with the restrictions of COVID-19 and the new way of life for all of us.

I am in a better position than most of my friends because about 3 weeks ago I realized that lock-down to try and break the COVID-19 virus cycle was a possibility, if not a certainty. This is just the first phase. Some form of COVID-19 lock-down will need to be in place for more than 3 months, possibly longer, to stop the spread of this virus.

So starting about 3 weeks ago I started implementing my COVID-19 plan, going to the various supermarkets and small shops and buying more and more food items that are not perishable.  No toilet paper! I now have about 4 to 5 weeks of food.  I also purchased a supply of vitamins as I figure that if I am healthy I will be able to recover quicker when I get it. Note I say when. This is not being pessimistic but preparing for the worst. There is a difference.

I also made sure my fuel tank was full and I have about 20 liters in storage.

I increased the size of my vegetable garden and in the next few weeks I will be eating Okra, Sweet Pepper, Cabbage, Egg Plant, Peas and many herbs (the legal variety) fresh.  I also withdrew some cash from the ATM.  All of these actions were done so as to limit my interaction with others once the spread of COVID-19 gets really bad.

So what will I do now and when a total lock-down comes into effect? Again I am fortunate in that I am a loner. I consider that an asset. So being alone is no big thing.

I have been hiking alone for many years. Yesterday (the day before the curfew came into effect) I went for an early morning walk from Barclays Park to Bissecs Hill, Fruitfull Hill, Dark Hole, back to Chalky Mount (I made a navigation error here and ended up exploring  the wrong gully haha) and back via Les Beholden and Cambridge.

This Morning (Sunday) I was sitting in my van at 6am and after listening to the news bulletin I went to Bath and walked up to Colleton  and back. This evening I will go into the garden and reap what I will be eating for dinner.

My advice is to use this time away from work to do things around the house that needed doing. Maybe clearing out that cupboard or store room.  Read a good book.  Turn off the social media and news channels.  Limit the time on the internet as most of the information on it is either depressing or wrong.  Right now I do not know if there are any more COVID-19 cases today or if there are any fatalities. I may check that tonight – or maybe not. Keep Positive.

Keep fit.  Until there is a total lock-down go for a walk around the neighbourhood every morning and evening. You will most likely have spent that time in a traffic jam going to and from work. Now is the time to lose a few Kg without gym fees! Dust off that old exercise machine that is now a clothes rack! Paint a road tennis court in the driveway.  Anything to keep active and the family from getting on each others nerves.

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Responses to “Living in Barbados with COVID-19”

  1. G M Trotman

    I am an 82 y.o that did not have the foresight to prepare and I did not dare joint the mad rush to the supermarket. So now I am hoping that market reopen in 2 weeks. Maybe the powers that be will allow specific days by alphabet letters. I too am a loner and will manage until April 15, am healthy and have plenty of yard space for walking.

  2. Maria

    Hi my friend, nice to hear from you. Continue to stay positive and think about all these great memories you have. These times will come again. The world is still rolling.. :-) Looking forward to meet you again soon. xx

  3. N Byrski

    Hi Burts, I am a Canadian from Ontario on my last 3 days of quarantine from your lovely Island. There were no cases when we left there. We spend 2 months in Barbados every year and am always teary eyed when we leave. We haven’t been able to see family or friends since we have been home. I miss them. I love listening to comments on Barbados and would love to hear more. Like Mike we are unable to grow our own veggies,,we are 3 hours north of Toronto and still have some snow! We have booked for Barbados next year and am keeping positive that we will be able to come back. These are uncertain times. I wish everyone in Barbados and the U.K. to stay healthy and be positive. In time this will all pass. Take care Nancy

  4. J8m webster

    Started planting indoors about two weeks ago.

  5. Mike Harvey

    Very good message Burt’s I am doing a very similar thing here in Norfolk UK but cannot grow your lovely vegs too cold.
    All the best Mike Harvey

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