Old Doll. The Matriarch of Newton Plantation

The book “Old Doll, Matriarch of Newton Plantation” by Dr. Karl Watson is published by The Barbados Museum & Historical Society. It is on sale at the Museum shop and other good bookstores.

This small book makes interesting reading, despite the many printer’s errors. It gives the history of a family of slaves and their relationship with their masters, both in Barbados and England.

Some buildings, that may have had their origin in the 1800’s  are still standing and have been modernised and are used for various manufacturing industries.

Below are a series of photographs of Newton Plantation as it is today. Click on the photos to see an enlarged version with a commentary.  The map on page #6 of the book is easy to follow and the various areas named can be located without too much effort.

Unfortunately the Slave Burial Ground only has a sign indicating what this area was used for. This is a pity. It should be a national park.

In the 1960’s the Gill family lived in what was the Great House and they tell stories that it was haunted by at least 2 ghosts. There are several well documented sightings by many people over a period of many years.

The house has since been demolished and I guess these spirits have moved on.  You can click on the thumbnail image to see a larger image with captions.

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