Renner Yearwood Memorial Hill Challenge 2023

The 2023 Hill Challenge will be called the Renner Yearwood Memorial Hill Challenge. Renner entered the Hill Challenge in 2013 (3rd), 2014 (1st), 2015 (1st), and 2016 (5th). Sadly he died in 2022.

The 2023 Hill Challenge will take place on Monday 1st May 2023. Start time is 6am sharp. Entries are open and the entry fee is Bds$50.00 up to the 16th April and after that Bds$60.00. Entry forms can be obtained at The Athletes Store in Sheraton Mall and Twist Barbados, #22 Swan Street.

While entries can be made on the day of the event this will close at 5.45am. Please bring exact cash. Please enter before as the organisers have a lot to do on the day without having to cater for late entries.

This fee includes a T-Shirt (While stocks last), a bib with an electronic timing number, a goodie-bag and water at 9 water stations along the route.

The organising committee have started preparing for the event. The water stations have been assigned to the volunteers, the trail is being cleared. Most of it is now clear and suitable for trail runners. By April it will be suitable for all.

The Trinidad contingent have made enquiries and we hope that we will have a good entry from CARICOM.

We are pleased to get sponsorship from the following organisations.

If you wish to sponsor the event or make a contribution contact

These companies must be congratulated, as without them the entry fee would not cover the cost of water, tents, timing, marking the trails and the many other things that are needed to bring off this event.

The route is similar to previous years with a few small changes to accommodate new buildings or agriculture. It is approximately 21 Km and the total elevation gain is over 1,000 Meters.

The Mountain Goats and other groups are already training on weekends running across the Scotland Area. This is not an event that you just turn up and expect to complete it.

This should not be your first attempt in this type of event. The organisers will have check points and water stations but there will be sections where you will be on your own on a steep and very hot trail.


Renner Yearwood Memorial Hill Challenge 2023
Renner Yearwood Memorial Hill Challenge 2023

The sponsors who made this race possible were:

Renner Yearwood Memorial Hill Challenge 2023
Sponsors for the Renner Yearwood Memorial Hill Challenge 2023.

The Renner Yearwood Memorial Hill Challenge 2023 was a well run and organized event this year. The race commenced at 0600 on 1st May 2023.

Here are some memories of the race taken at the start, Chalky Mount, Dark Hole, Spa Hill and Coconut Grove…

Look out for the winners bibs:

  • 25 – Hans Grane (02:26:55)
  • 203 – Stuart Maloney (02:38:56)
  • 55 – Micah Herbert (02:42:07)
  • 86 – Ralf Luthe (02:42:21)
  • 181 – Stephen Bignall (02:43:17)
  • 81 – Katie Lynn Parker (02:51:17)
  • 95 – Marlo Hunte (03:07:34)
  • 31 – Adeline Lamorell (03:26:48)
  • 24 – Nicola Garcia (03:30:09)
  • 91 – Abby Moorjani (03:30:34) and the youngest in the race!

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