San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Happy Easter from BajanThings. This was the trip I did to Argentina just before Christmas. God willing in May I will be doing my favourite coast-to-coast walk from the West coast of Scotland to the East coast of Scotland which is about 320 km – The Great Outdoor Challenge 2024.

In December 2023 I returned to Argentina. San Carlos de Bariloche is on the Southern shores of Lago Nahuel Huapi and is a gateway for the Parque Nacional Nahuiel Huapi. This is a prime skiing and winter sports destination and in the summer it is a centre for hiking. In 2019 I was formulating a plan to visit in February 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic put my trip to San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina on hold. It was not until December 2023 that I managed to get there.

San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos is a tourist town. Most arrive in tour buses and spend a few days touring the many chocolate stores that line the main city streets. Some move on to the surrounding hills for a more adventurous time.

The town has several Cerveza Artesanal breweries that make a wide range of quality beers and ales. Too many for only 2 weeks of tasting!

Argentina is world renowned for good meat and Bariloche has some of the best. Although a vegetarian would survive they would have a hard time finding a meal.

I planned to do a 4 day circuit from Villa Cathedral and finishing at Colonia Suiza but the trails were closed due to a lot of snow in the mountain passes.

I spent most days walking in the surrounding hills and returning in the evening for a well-earned meal a one of the many restaurants.

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Villa Angostura

Refuge Frey

Refuge Frey is located on the shores of Toncek lagoon, at the foot of Frey peak in Mount Catedral. It was named after engineer Emilio Frey who was the Nahuel Huapi National Park administrator and one of the founders of Club Andino Bariloche.

Villa Catedral

Piedra de Habsburg & Cerro Otto

Puerto Blest & Los Cantaros

From Puerto Panuelo a ferry sails to Brazo and then to Puerto Blest. It was a very interesting and scenic walk from Brazo to the waterfalls and Lake Los Cantaros.

I opted to walk through the forests from Brazo to meet the ferry at Puerto Blest.

From Puerto Blest it is a short journey to the border with Chile and then to the Pacific Ocean. The first settlers from Europe used this route as it was quicker to sail through Magellan’s Straits and walk over the mountain pass than to walk from the Atlantic Coast.

Puerto Blest

Click here to view my other trips to Argentina. I hope this inspires you to visit…

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  1. Anderson Gibbons

    Love it, Argentina is definitely in the plans. We’ll be in Scotland in a couple of months, can’t wait. Your posts, especially concerning Barbados are always very informative, thank you.

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