Two Barbados Tourist films one from the 1960s and one from the 1970s

A look back in time. We recently came across these two Barbados Tourist Board promotional films: Barbados West Indian Wonderland from the 1960s and Magic Isle from the 1970s.

Enjoy the nostalgia of these two promotional films.

The first film is a Barbados Tourist Board film from the 1960s, promotes Barbados as a tourist destination, titled: Barbados – West Indian Wonderland.

This Barbados Tourist Board is from the The Travel Film Archive, which is a collection of travelogues and educational and industrial films – that show the world the way it was between 1900 and 1970. All of The Travel Film archive footage was shot on film (much of it on 35mm) – so very much old school.

A Barbados Tourist Board film about Barbados in the 1960s.

Take a journey back in time to the 1960s. This Barbados Tourist Board film about Barbados in the 1960s covers:

  • Deep Water Harbour, port of Bridgetown
  • Tent Bay
  • Bridgetown, Trafalgar Square, Lord Nelson Statue
  • Barbados police patrols
  • Harbour police wearing uniforms descended from Lord Nelson’s day
  • The new general hospital
  • Government headquarters
  • Harrison College
  • Queen’s College
  • Chalky Mount
  • Morgan Lewis Windmill,
  • Codrington College
  • St. John’s Parish Church…

The second Barbados film from the 1970s is a travelogue on Barbados, titled: Magic Isle.

Magic Isle – Barbados. This film is part of the Periscope Film archive.

The section on Seawell Airport features a shot of Canadian charter airline WardAir which introduced the 747-100 to its fleet in 1973 which is how we dated this film.

Both the above films are available from: search for Barbados.

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