Ushuaia – Argentina

10009Ushuaia is the southernmost city in Argentina.  It is also the gateway  for Antarctica. During the summer the dock is very busy with all types of expeditions, both civilian and scientific, setting out to or returning from the Southern continent.

It is also the end, or beginning,  of the adventure for many who travel from Northern Alaska to the End of the world. Some do it by Bicycle, others by Motorcycle or Vehicle.

Not all of the visitors  are in transit. Some go there strictly for  hiking or mountaineering  in the mountain ranges that surround the city.

After I returned from Antarctica I spent a few days, including Christmas day, hiking some of the trails. The days are very long so there is never the rush to get back before it gets dark. It was one of the best Christmas I have had.

The city has a wide range of restaurants to satisfy every taste. Also the Argentina wine is excellent.

It is a place I want to return to one day. Maybe on Bicycle starting in Mexico!

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