Barbados Sugarworks 1640 – 1924 (Summary)

Jim Webster in collaboration with Francis Ward, has put together three posts for BajanThings all on the theme of Barbados Sugarworks.  This post brings together in one place three data tables:

In addition Jim Webster has also produced a detailed index of Maps of Barbados going back to 1500 – many of which list the major plantations and owners.

Data Disclaimer

The information contained in the Barbados Sugarworks tables is provided on an “as is” basis by the authors. Plantations and Sugar works in Barbados 1848 to 1871 and Handbook of Barbados: Plantations & Sugar-Works 1912 – 1924 were transcribed by Frances Ward and Jim Webster. Barbadian Sugar Plantations Index 1640 – 1846 was transcribed by Ronnie Hughes and added to by Mary Gleadall.

Note: The Ronald G. Hughes: Barbadian Sugar Plantations 1640 to 1846 listing is a sub-set of the Index of Plantations held by the Barbados Department of Archives (BDA) at Black Rock, St. James which was compiled by Ronnie Hughes and added to by Cecil Queree.  This smaller listing was researched personally by Ronnie Hughes who was happy for it to be put online in 2004 on  The full Ronald Hughes/Cecil Queree listing is paper based and is not currently available online in a searchable format.

We extend our thanks to Mary E. Gleadall NC, USA for sharing the Ronnie Hughes: Barbadian Sugar Plantations 1640 to 1846 snapshot which previously resided on her website and for allowing this valuable research data to be re-published on  “Barbadian Sugar Plantation 1630 – 1846” remains the property of Ronald G. Hughes dec’d and Mary E. Gleadall.

The data contained in the tables was transcribed from antique sources, most over one hundred years old. The authors assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content. The authors make no warranties about the completeness, reliability or accuracy of the information. The information contained in these tables is provided on an “as is” basis by the authors. Any action you take using this data is strictly at your own risk.


If you spot an error please contact Jim Webster by either leaving a comment below or clicking on the BajanThings Contact Burts link and choosing from the Subject drop-down: “Barbados Maps/Plantations – Forward to: Jim Webster“. Please detail the error together with the “Record ID” so it can be found.

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