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The Barbados Trailways Project Part 2 – the beginning of the refurbishment

The Barbados Trailway will convert a portion of the disused trainline (which operated from 1881 to 1937) into a 16km paved multi-use trail from Valley Plantation to Consett Bay.

It is a fiscally and socially responsible heritage tourism development project that can help to diversify and enhance our tourism product while also providing recreational spaces that both locals and visitors can enjoy – not only now, but also for future generations.

Tara Inniss – Business Barbados

This is a follow up to The Barbados Trailways Project posted in 2020. Work has started on the refurbishment of the old train line into a walking and cycle path. To date a demo stretch between the Valley Plantation and  Dash Valley has been resurfaced.   This allows for an easy and safe walking or bicycle path for all ages, from Grandparents to the very young children.

In addition approximately 600 trees have been planted. These include mango, avocado, breadfruit, soursop, mammy apple, golden apple, Bajan cherry, hog plum, Barbados Ackee, Coconut and several types of palm trees.

When these mature they will further enhance the experience.  Tree and shrub planting is done between the months of June and December to coincide with the wet season.  The resurfacing will continue in the first part of the year when it is dryer. But this depends on the availability of funds as this is project is funded by donations.

This initiative is spearheaded by the Future Centre Trust with support from the business community and civic minded Barbadians and visitors.  If you would like to contribute to this project contact

The most frequently asked question is “When are you going to open?” and the answer is:

“The Trailway has never been closed. We are just improving it section by section, making it more accessible year-round, so that a wider section of the population can benefit from it.

Plans for 2022 include signage, completion of demo stretch between Valley and Carmichael with more trees, shelters, benches and trailheads.

More information can be found on the Barbados Trailway Project website:

You can sign up for the Barbados Trailway Project Newsletter here:

The Barbados Trailway Project have a Bike Photo Competition going on right now.

You can follow The Barbados Trailway Project on social media: @barbadostrailway

Some of the many companies and individuals who have helped in one way or another include:

  • Future Centre Trust
  • C.O. Williams Construction
  • Barney Gibbs (Adopt-A-Stop)
  • Ralf Luther
  • Professional Engineering Services Ltd. (PESL)
  • Ron Hope (The Valley Farms/Plantation)
  • Tourism Development Corporation
  • Damian Brooker (Joe Brookers Building Ltd.) 
  • Alex Cole (Cole Construction)
  • Jonathon Clarke (Sky Rocket Inc.)
  • Eric Allamby (RentEquip Inc.)
  • Kevin Talma (Talma Mill Studios)
  • Patrick Moufarrige (I Love This Rock)
  • Emera Caribbean
  • Banks
  • Rotaract
  • Flow
  • Lindsey Whelan
  • Chris DeCaires
  • Asphalt Processors (Bitumen)
  • GAIA (Recycled asphalt particles)
  • Mike Krimholtz 

Responses to “The Barbados Trailways Project Part 2 – the beginning of the refurbishment”

  1. W.Irving Skinner

    Wonderful project and kudos all round. The same thing was done here in Peterborough, and there are it seems, endless km of trails.

  2. Lotte Starck

    Awesome project – this Trailway one!

  3. Daisy

    This sounds like a great project. Is there a bus route that goes to the starting point ?

    1. WB

      Hi Daisy. Check the Barbados Transport Board Website. There are several buses from Bridgetown and Oistins, Tell the driver where you want to go. You need to get off just before the Valley Plantation. It may be a “request stop”.

  4. Jo Harmon

    Where we live in USA, (Maine)-there is an ‘exempt’ railway line running behind our summer cottage. Recently, a nearby town is interested in extending their existing ‘rail to trail’ pathway along this section. We are following your progress-enjoying your success (acknowledging very hard work!)-and will reference your ideas for our projects.
    P.S. We are 20+ year winter visitors in Barbados.

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