The Barbados Trailways Project

The Barbados Trailway Project is an ambitious plan to convert the Train Line into a multi-use pathway for use by Bajan cyclists, walkers and runners.

Since the train stopped running in 1937 the tracks were removed and the route used by the surrounding farmers to gain access to their fields. It was also used by the utility companies for their pipes. In the Bridgetown area sections were converted into roads and some was taken over by the surrounding land owners.

Colin Hudson, a local environmentalist, started the Train Hike that has become a “must do” event for all hikers. This follows the old train line from Bridgetown to Belleplaine a distance of about 40Km.

The objective of the planned Barbados Trailway is to give Bajans and visitors a safe tarred surface to walk, run or ride, away from the busy public roads.

Since the COVID-19 arrival in Barbados, and the subsequent necessary “stay at home’ orders, I have noticed an increase in the number of people, of all ages, walking or riding every morning and evenings.

Walking and riding on our highways is very dangerous. With this paved trail there will be a safe and easy route for walkers and riders to enjoy the outdoors. It will now be possible to bring your children to get them to exercise and away from the social media for a few hours.

Walking is very cheap. All you need is a pair of soft shoes. Every household has at least one bicycle under a pile of junk in the garage. It just needs new tyres and you are good to go!

The first section that will be completed is from near Valley on Highway 3 to Constant, Bulkeley, Carrington, Busy Park, Three Houses, Fortescue and ending at Conset Bay,  a distance of 17 Km.  It will be a paved surface about 3 meters wide lined with trees and benches to rest on.

Barbados Trailway Demo Stretch
The Barbados Trailway is a multi-use pathway for use by cyclists, walkers and runners along the historic Barbados Railway track that was closed in 1937.

There are also plans to extend it from the Valley to Bridgetown as well as from The Norman Niles Roundabout to the National Botanical Gardens

This will give some very welcome foot traffic pass the many shops along the way. It will also make commuting into Bridgetown a lot quicker and cheaper.

A demo section  will be completed between the Valley and Carmichael a distance of about 2Km.  Later it will extended in stages to Conset.

This initiative is spearheaded by the Future Centre Trust with support from the business community.

Adopt A Stop

C.O.Williams Construction

Future Centre Trust

PESL Consultants

For further information read

Barbados Business – All Aboard! The Barbados Trailway

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