The Barbados Trailways Project Part 3 – tree planting

The Barbados Trailway Project

The Barbados Trailway is a paved bicycle and pedestrian path located primarily on right-of-way lands of the former Barbados Railway.

The Barbados Trailway Project

The mission of the Barbados Trailway is: Converting the old Barbados Railway reserve into an accessible pathway for pedestrians, runners and cyclists.

The Barbados Railway was a 38.6-kilometre (24.0 mi) long narrow-gauge railway with a gauge of initially 3 feet 6 inch and later 2 feet 6 inch. It commenced operation in 1883 opening up the East coast. Unfortunately the railway was plagued with financial issues throughout its existence which led to its eventual demise in 1937. Click here to learn more about The Barbados Railway.

Barbados Railway
Barbados Railway taken from Algernon Aspinall CMG: The Pocket Guide to the West Indies – 1923 edition, Sifton, Praed & Co. Ltd., 67 St. James’s St. London SW1.

The stations included:

  • Bridgetown – 0 km (0.0 mi)
  • Rouen – 4.0 km (2½ mi)
  • Bulkley – 8.9 km (5½ mi)
  • Windsor – 11.3 km (7 mi)
  •  – Branch to Crane – 14.3 km (8⅞ mi)
  • Carrington – 14.5 km (9 mi)
  • Sunbury – 16.1 km (10 mi)
  • Bushy Park – 17.7 km (11 mi)
  • Three Houses – 20.9 km (13 mi)
  • Bath – 25.7 km (16 mi)
  • Bathsheba – 32.2 km (20 mi)
  • St. Andrew’s (Belleplaine) – 38.6 km (24 mi)

Progress on the Barbados Trailways project continues. This is the third of our updates on the Barbados Trailways project:

There was no planting of trees in first half of 2022 because of dry season but the existing trees were cared for. When the rains started in July 2022 some 200 trees were planted at Constant, St. George. With the continuing rains these are coming along nicely.

Barbados train line trail project - 2022 update
The future generation planting trees that they will enjoy as adults. Source: Ralf Luther.

Additionally further progress was made with the paving and landscaping of the carpark at the Demo Stretch at The Valley, St. George.

Barbados train line trail project - 2022 update
The start at The Valley. Source: Ralf Luther.

In July 2022 clearing continued along the following sections: Harrow, Bushy Park, Vineyard, Three Houses, Fortescue. The trail has been cleared as far as Mastic Gulley. This is the gulley to the North of Boer Camp Pasture.

The original track was followed which means that from Carrington to Fortescue is almost a straight line. Although not paved at this time it is suitable for hikers and mountain bikers. Trees will be added as soon as funds allow.

The trail from College Savana to Consett Bay is easy walking, first across the open pasture close to the cliff and then down to the Bay.

Preparation for paving at Constant and Bulkeley and adding another shelter at Bulkeley are ongoing. This will make a continuous cycle path for children and road bikes of 3Km.

This steady progress is made possible by the small group of hard working volunteers and the many organizations and people who have contributed in one way or another.

Some of the many organizations and individuals who have recently helped in one way or another include:

  • Future Centre Trust
  • Tourism Development Corporation
  • C.O. Williams Construction
  • Professional Engineering Services Ltd. (PESL)
  • Barney Gibbs (Adopt-A-Stop)
  • Ralf Luther (Run246)
  • Dr. Janelle Bryan (Temple Fitness & Wellness)
  • Denzil Phillips
  • Ron Hope (The Valley Farms/Plantation)
  • Damian Brooker (Joe Brooker’s Building Ltd.)
  • Alex Cole (Cole Construction)
  • Eric Allamby (RentEquip Inc.)
  • Fortress Funds Managers
  • Barbados Community Foundation
  • Duke of Edinburgh International Awards
  • Ashley Lashley Foundation

More information can be found on the Barbados Trailways website:
The Barbados Trailway Project construction updates:
You can follow the Barbados Trailway on Twitter: @TrailwayBB

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