William Burton

William Burton is the editor of BajanThings.com and is Peter Burton's cousin. William and Peter started BajanThings in December 2014. The BajanThings.com website reflects William's three loves: preserving handed down Bajan history, hiking and international travel.

Beautiful Barbados - fly tipping

Beautiful Barbados

Beautiful Barbados is being spoilt by ecologically uncaring, illegal and unscrupulous fly tippers dumping waste off-the beaten track. Here are some pictures of our beautiful island that only those of us who enjoy hiking and walking in the gullies and trails will ever see. Every parish has similar dumping hot-spots – there are way too many to include …

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Covid19 virus

Life after COVID-19. Hope for a new world order

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus showing no sign of leaving the world any time soon it is probably premature to talk or think of life after it is gone. It appears that the necessary and common sense restrictions on gathering has slowed the COVID-19 infection rate and by extension the COVID-19 death rate. …

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Barbados Manjak


Manjak and the origins of Barbados and the oil deposits we see in the Scotland area began about 50 million years ago and approximately 4 km below the sea level.  The rivers of South America were depositing layers of gravel, sand and organic material across the ocean floor.  The sea was populated with small marine …

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Havana Cuba


Cuba is a country that is misrepresented and misunderstood by the rest of the world. I have a very different view from that portrayed in the press and internet. Cubans are very proud of their heritage and history. Their education and health care systems are much better than most countries. There are many Colectivos (shared …

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