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Post Name & LinkPrimary CategoryYearDate
Bajan Rum PunchClassic Bajan recipes [Test post] 20142014/12/20
Bajan Flying FishClassic Bajan recipes [Test post] 20142014/12/20
Bajan SeasoningClassic Bajan recipes [Test post] 20142014/12/21
Bajan Hot Pepper SauceClassic Bajan recipes [Test post] 20142014/12/21
Mount Roraima – VenezuelaInternational Travel20142014/12/25
Circuit of Cordillera Huayhuash – PeruInternational Travel20142014/12/31
Hiking with the Barbados National TrustBajan Hikes20152015/01/05
The Great Outdoor (TGO) Challenge 2012 & 2013. A 14 day hike across ScotlandInternational Travel20152015/01/11
The Colin Hudson Great (Barbados) Train HikeBajan Hikes20152015/01/12
Dr. Colin Hudson – Agronomist, Environmentalist, Inventor and Hiker (1938 – 2004)Bajan People 20152015/01/12
Dr. Benjamin Bynoe (1803 – 1865)Bajan People 20152015/01/16
AntarcticaInternational Travel20152015/01/18
Capt. William T. Shorey (1859 – 1919)Bajan people 20152015/01/19
Joe Fortes (1863 – 1922)Bajan people 20152015/01/20
Barbados Hiking Association: Annual Hill ChallengeBajan Hikes20152015/01/23
BOMEX (Barbados Oceanographic & Meteorological Experiment) -1969Barbados post WWII20152015/01/25
Samuel Weatherhead (1756 – 1816)Bajan People 20152015/01/26
William M. H. Greaves (1897 – 1955)Bajan People 20152015/01/28
El Calafate & El Chalten – Argentina 2010International Travel20152015/01/30
Vice Admiral Henry C. Bovell (1893 – 1963)Bajan People 20152015/02/02
Dr. Alain Bombard (1924 – 2005)Barbados post WWII20152015/02/04
Mount Kilimanjaro – TanzaniaInternational Travel20152015/02/13
Colin Hudson Great Train Hike 2015Bajan Hikes20152015/02/20
Boiling Lake hike – DominicaCaribbean Travel20152015/03/03
Three Man Well – Woodbourne ValleyBajan History20152015/03/11
The old Kensington Oval, Barbados – RIPWindies Cricket20152015/03/18
Building the BajanThings websiteWebsite information20152015/03/21
High Altitude Research Project (HARP) 1962 – 1967Barbados post WWII20152015/03/27
Ben’s SpringBajan History20152015/04/02
Crop Over 1988 – Mac FingallI was there!20152015/04/06
Bajan & Trini sports ambassadors – HK Sevens, March 2014I was there!20152015/04/09
Hurricane Ivan 2004 – Emergency radio service in GrenadaBarbados post WWII20152015/04/14
Ushuaia – ArgentinaInternational Travel20152015/04/20
Barbados Hiking Association: Sagicor 2015 Hill ChallengeBajan Hikes20152015/04/26
The Great Outdoor (TGO) Challenge 2015 – Scotland. A walk to the Park!International Travel20152015/05/03
Lord Nelson’s statue – Bridgetown, BarbadosBajan History20152015/05/13
Torpedoing of the Cornwallis in Carlisle Bay, Barbados, 11th September 1942Barbados during WWI and WWII20152015/05/21
The Seimstrand, St. Vincent & The GrenadinesCaribbean Travel20152015/05/28
A day trip to Mustique – St. Vincent & The GrenadinesCaribbean Travel20152015/06/03
Baby Burts trialling for the Windies cricket team!Windies Cricket20152015/06/10
Memorials for departed friendsBajan People 20152015/06/12
The Great Outdoor (TGO) Challenge 2015 – ScotlandInternational Travel20152015/06/17
Boer Camp Pasture – St. PhilipBajan History20152015/06/29
Chicken Rita’s. Where Bajan’s go for seasoned fried chicken!Bajan Food Places20152015/07/02
Run Barbados Marathon – Fri 4 Dec to Sun 6 Dec 2015Fun Mile, 5km, 10km, Half Marathon & Full MarathonBajan Hikes20152015/07/25
Thor Heyerdahl’s Ra Expeditions to Barbados: RA-I 1969, RA-II 1970Barbados post WWII20152015/08/05
The Bottom-up boulder between Bottom Bay and Harry Smith Beach, BarbadosGeology of Barbados20152015/08/16
Blue Box Cart. The growing years 1982 to 1991Barbados post WWII20152015/08/31
Sid Graham. A forgotten Bajan WWII hero (1920 – 2017)Barbados during WWI and WWII20152015/09/06
2nd Lt Walter Tull – first black infantry officer in British Army (1888 – 1918)Barbados during WWI and WWII20152015/09/13
Scientific Studies of Coral Rock in BarbadosGeology of Barbados20152015/09/23
Efficient or Effective customer service? Process gone wrongI was there!20152015/10/12
Keeping fish fresh before refrigerationBajan History20152015/10/26
Oistins Fish Fry – Barbados. Annies BBQ where locals go for lunch, dinner and a drinkBajan Food Places20152015/11/11
The Wreck of the SV Countess of RiponBajan History20152015/12/06
The Wreck of the SV NordenskjoldBajan History20152015/12/18
Arthur Hutchinson’s abandoned Lime Kiln at Ragged Point, BarbadosBajan History20162016/02/03
The loss of The Kent – a letter in a bottle storyBajan History20162016/02/16
John Frederick BridgetowerBajan People 20162016/03/27
Run Barbados Marathon Weekend 2016Bajan Hikes20162016/04/06
Feuding Chase brothers vault – Christ Church Parish church, BarbadosBajan People 20162016/05/02
Adam Straughn (Straw) Waterman (1803 – 1887)Bajan People 20162016/05/07
The Great Outdoors (TGO) Challenge 2016International Travel20162016/06/06
Celestine’s Bajan Food RestaurantBajan Food Places20162016/07/05
Old Doll. The Matriarch of Newton PlantationBajan People 20162016/07/30
Cable & Wireless in BarbadosBarbados post WWII20162016/09/19
Operation Golden GunBajan History20162016/09/25
Parque Nacional Torres del Paine – ChileInternational Travel20162016/11/08
Return to El Calafate & El Chalten – Argentina 2016International Travel20162016/11/23
Nine Mornings – A St. Vincent and The Grenadines Christmas TraditionCaribbean Travel20162016/12/14
British Ship: SS Scottish StarTorpedoed – 19th February 1942Barbados during WWI and WWII20172017/02/19
Richard Clement MoodyBajan People 20172017/02/22
International Telecommunications in Barbados 50 years agoBarbados post WWII20172017/03/15
Run Barbados Marathon Weekend 2017Bajan Hikes20172017/04/05
Laggan Stores and Coffee BothyInternational Travel20172017/04/25
St. Philip, Barbados in the 1950’s & 1960’s. A very brief recollection of the people and events.Barbados post WWII20172017/05/12
The Nidhe Israel Synagogue Mikveh: A Barbados Treasure from 1654Bajan History20172017/05/17
St. Philip, Barbados in the 1950’s & 1960’s. Growing up in Wellhouse and Marley Vale in the 1960’s.Barbados post WWII20172017/06/07
A short walk through Knoydart, Kinloch Hourn, River Croe and Glen Affric in Scotland.International Travel20172017/06/22
Olaudah Equiano 1745 to 1797 (Slavery Abolitionists)Bajan History20172017/07/18
Stede Bonnet. 1688 -1718Bajan People 20172017/08/15
Hurricane Janet – 22 September 1955Barbados post WWII20172017/08/20
Hugh Morris Alleyne Skinner better known as ballet dancer Hugh LaingBajan People 20172017/10/25
Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal.International Travel20172017/11/22
Hiking in Barbados | Run246 | The Barbados Hiking AssociationBajan Hikes20172020/12/27
Mignon Lorraine Inniss: 19 Nov 1905 to 15 Jan 1995Bajan People 20182018/01/20
Frederick Gustave Ameile Delisle Saphile Wooding Deane RAMC FRCS Nov 1859 to 31 Oct 1935Barbados during WWI and WWII20182018/03/14
Football (soccer) in Barbados in the 1950s & 1960sBarbados post WWII20182018/04/10
The Duke Affair – A West Indian versus the colonial establishmentBajan People 20182018/04/18
Barbados Hiking Association 2018 Hill ChallengeBajan Hikes20182018/05/01
Pitching Marbles in BarbadosBajan History20182018/05/09
Barbados by FM Endlich – American Naturalist, March 1882Bajan History20182018/05/30
Revd. James Leith Moody: 1816 – 1896Bajan People 20182018/06/13
The Great Outdoor Challenge 2018International Travel20182018/06/27
Palatinate Forest, Germany.International Travel20182018/07/17
Operation Carlota – Cuba’s secret flights to Angola via Barbados.Barbados post WWII20182018/08/01
SS Quaker City. Torpedoed 18th May 1942. The story of John Heller.Barbados during WWI and WWII20182018/08/14
The Sinking of the Florence M. Douglas and the story of Douglas the Barbadian who joined the German Navy in WW2.Barbados during WWI and WWII20182018/10/03
Survivors arriving in Barbados in May 1942 from ships sunk by German U-Boats.Barbados during WWI and WWII20182018/11/14
A sailing trip aboard the schooner Mary M. Lewis from Bridgetown to Georgetown – Summer 1939.Barbados during WWI and WWII20182018/11/19
Barbados Blackwood Screwdock (dry dock)Bajan History20182018/12/03
Mendoza and Aconcagua. Wine and Mountains.International Travel20192019/01/15
F/O Errol Walton Barrow, Navigator RAF World War II and Prime Minister of BarbadosBajan People, Barbados during WWI and WWII20192019/03/12
Panama CanalCaribbean Travel20192019/04/25
Barbados Hiking Association 2019 Hill ChallengeBajan Hikes20192019/05/01
Anti Submarine & Torpedo Net – Carlisle Bay, Barbados 1942Barbados during WWI and WWII20192019/06/19
Memories of Bovell & Skeete 1960 to 1973Barbados post WWII20192019/06/25
The Great Outdoors Challenge 2019International Travel20192019/07/04
Millie gone to Brazil, Oh Lawd, poor MillieBajan People20192019/08/06
It was always hot – Memoirs of Col. Reginald T. Michelin, Commissioner of Barbados Police 1949-1953 post Col. Oriel St.A. DukeBajan People20192019/09/04
CubaCaribbean Travel20192019/09/12
Bajan GarveyitesBajan People20192019/10/24
How “badjohn became a word”Bajan People20202020/01/21
Cecil Ward (Bajan Cecil) – early pan pioneer TrinidadBajan People20202020/02/06
Rocket payload fairings wash up in Barbados post launch from Guiana Space Centre (CSG), French GuianaBajan History20162020/02/12
The Printed Maps of Barbados 1500s – 1980sBajan History20202020/02/18
The Canadian Lady BoatsBarbados during WWI and WWII20202020/03/21
Living in Barbados with COVID-19World Crises20202020/03/29
A Fisherman’s TaleBajan People20202020/04/06
Dr. Christopher James Davis (1842-1870) – Le Bon Docteur NoirBajan People20202020/04/15
Observation Mission – Firing HARP: Monday 17th June 1963Barbados post WWII20202020/04/22
ManjakBarbados Geology20202020/04/29
Life after COVID19. Hope for a new world orderWorld Crises20202020/05/14
Barbados Plantations and Sugar-Works 1912 – 1924Barbados Plantations20202020/05/20
“The Beautiful Blonde in the Bank” book by F/L Andrew Leslie Cole AFC RAF (Errol Barrow’s pilot in RAF 88 Squadron)Barbados during WWI and WWII20202020/05/31
Ronnie Hughes: Barbadian Sugar Plantations Index 1640 – 1846Barbados Plantations20202020/06/18
Barbados Almanacs: Plantations & Sugar-Works 1848 – 1871Barbados Plantations20202020/07/07
The Barbados Trailways ProjectBajan Hikes20202020/07/21
Barbados Sugarworks 1640 – 1924 (Summary)Barbados Plantations20202020/07/26
Beautiful Barbados – spoiled by fly tippersBajan Hikes20202020/08/17
Lt. Joseph Griffith – the Bajan that taught TASPO to playBajan People20202020/11/03
King Ja Ja, L’Année Passée and Rum & Coca-ColaBajan History20202020/11/17
Banja in Barbados and its influence on calypso throughout the West IndiesBajan History20202020/11/24
George Blackman – There were no parades for usBarbados during WWI and WWII20202020/11/29
The Small World crossing of the AtlanticBajan History20202020/12/06
Alan Emtage – the Bajan who invented the search engine back in 1989 while a post-grad student at McGill UniversityBajan People20202020/12/12
How they came to Barbados and found no men therein…Anecdotes20212021/01/12
The New Joe’s River Pedestrian BridgeBarbados post WWII20212021/01/27
Plantation Life in Barbados in the 1950sBarbados post WWII20212021/02/10
Richard Goddard – 1935 to 2021Bajan People20212021/02/23
Barbados Oceanographic Research Facility 1957 – 1979: a top secret US cold war submarine listening postBarbados post WWII20212021/03/02
Black Bajan footballers who were English Football League Club pioneersBajan People20212021/04/07
Cooking on a cast iron coal pot stoveBajan History20212021/05/05
Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? The Empire Windrush storyBarbados post WWII20212021/06/01
Kai Tak airport, Hong Kong – the Bajan connectionBarbados post WWII20212021/07/07
World War I Commonwealth War Graves – BarbadosBarbados during WWI and WWII20212021/08/24
St. Bees to Robin Hood Bay – In the footsteps of Alfred WainwrightInternational Travel20212021/09/01
Andromeda Gardens – the location of a covert US Navy cold-war submarine tracking station in Barbados from 1954 to 1985/87Barbados post WWII20212021/10/05
Republic of BarbadosBarbados post WWII20212021/11/23
The Man Who Carved a Lion. The story of Henry John Wilkinson 1829 – 1911Bajan History20212021/12/26
The Barbados Trailways Project Part 2 – the beginning of the refurbishmentBajan Hikes20222022/01/06
Barbados Island Life – photographs and stories from the 1970s by Craig BurleighBajan History20222022/02/09
Major Teddy Goddard – a Bajan policeman from below the cliffBajan People20222022/02/22
CNS Lady Drake 1928 – 1942Barbados during WWI and WWII20222022/03/07
Cuba – A different perspectiveCaribbean Travel20222022/03/22
The game of WarriBajan History20222022/05/02
“Peddlers All: Stories of the First Ashkenazi Jewish Settlers in Barbados” book by Simon KreindlerBajan History20222022/06/05
Prince Albert and Prince George visit Barbados while Midshipmen aboard HMS Bacchante in 1879Bajan History20222022/07/01
Freya Stark (married name: Perowne)Barbados post WWII20222022/08/01
The Barbados Trailways Project Part 3 – tree plantingBajan Hikes20222022/08/01
Remembering EIIR 1926 – 2022Bajan History20222022/09/19
The Quaker Gardens of St. Thomas – Friends’ equality even in deathBajan History20222022/10/02
World Fuel crisis, fuel poverty in 2022World Crises20222022/11/01
Reflections: Col. Duke’s Morris 8Barbados Post World War II20222022/11/16
Barbadian born artist: Ashley BickertonBajan People20222022/11/30
Rediffusion Barbados (1934 -1997)Bajan History20222022/12/24
“These Fields and Hills beyond recall” – The Quaker biblical root for field and hill names associated with Dukes Plantation, St. ThomasBajan History20232023/01/10
Stanton Henry King: Sailor, Author, Chantey Singer (1867 – 1939)Bajan People20232023/02/01
Memories of Growing up in Barbados in the 1950sBajan People20232023/03/01
Renner Yearwood Memorial Hill Challenge 2023Bajan Hikes20232023/03/13
Barbados in 2030 – part oneBajan History20232023/04/03
Barbados in 2030 – part twoBajan History20232023/04/06
A BajanThings 101 on AI Chatbots: ChatGPT and Bard. Why you MUST fact check the output…Barbados during WWI and WWII20232023/04/10
F/O Leo Leslie Schultz RAAF – 1921 to 1990 (Errol Barrow’s rear WAG in RAF 88 Squadron)Barbados during WWI and WWII20232023/05/01
Errol Barrow and his commanding officer Sholto DouglasBajan People, Barbados during WWI and WWII20232023/06/01
The Great Outdoor Challenge 2023: Mallaig to PortlethenInternational Travel20232023/07/01
P/O George HF Inniss, 31st May 1916 to 5th February 1941Barbados during WWI and WWII20232023/08/01
P/O Keith Proverbs: Out Of Tragedy Came Advances in Air Safety and ScienceBarbados during WWI and WWII20232023/09/05
Increasing the mobile PageSpeed score for BajanThingsWebsite technology20232023/10/11
John Richard Archer – the first black mayor of a London borough in 1913Bajan People20232023/11/06
The Bush Teas of Barbados – Iris BayleyBajan People20232023/12/05
Tent Bay, St. Joseph, BarbadosWebsite information20232023/12/30
Maj. Frederick C Clarke MD MC 1883 – 1941Bajan People20242024/01/01
Transitioning from a WordPress Classic theme to a WordPress Block Theme…Website technology20242024/01/04
Moving BajanThings to the Ollie block themeWebsite technology20242024/01/17
Remembering Olaudah Equiano’s time in BarbadosBajan History20242024/02/01
“Diary of a Shipping Clerk” series of books by David Miles-HanschellBajan People20242024/02/17
F/L Fredrick Edsall Clarke RCAF 414 Army Cooperation Squadron 1917 – 2005Bajan People20242024/03/01
Windrush 75 – Pioneers & ChampionsBajan History / Barbados Post World War II20242024/03/10
San Carlos de Bariloche, ArgentinaInternational Travel20242024/04/01
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