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2020 marks a new decade and BajanThings five years on.  It also marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Errol Barrow on 21st January 2020.  Errol Barrow’s time in the RAF between 1940 and 1947 is covered in two posts: Errol Barrow – Statesman, Prime Minister of Barbados, RAF Navigator World War II and The Beautiful Blonde in the Bank a downloadable book by Errol Barrow’s pilot Andrew Cole covering their time training in Canada and flying together with 88 Squadron and BAFO Communications Squadron.

In celebration of  the 100th anniversary of the birth of Errol Barrow we lead with a photo of Errol Barrow and his RAF 88 Squadron crew.  The photo marks their graduation from  Course no. 48 No. 31 Operational Training Unit RAF Debert, Nova Socia, Canada on 7 April 1944.  The crew are standing in front of a Lockheed Hudson.  Analysis of pilot Andrew Cole’s RAF log book shows he flew 51 combat missions with his crew totalling 109 hours and 25 mins combat flying.  Errol Barrow was not part of the crew for 3 sorties between 28 February 1945 and 10 March 1945.  Barrow flew 48 sorties giving him 103 hours and 25 mins combat flying time.

As 2019 draws to a close and we look forward to a new decade, it is time to reflect on the BajanThings over the last twelve months and over the last five years since its launch in December 2014.

BajanThings focuses on the things we are passionate about:

  • recording events that we have witnessed, or told by those who did and the life of some of the people who were born in, or had connections to, Barbados and made their mark on the world stage
  • hiking in Barbados and overseas.

We wish to thank all those who have encouraged BajanThings to continue writing, those who gave us information, those who have shared old photographs with us, our guest contributors, our subscribers and those who write to us when we miss a comma or make a spelling error. Thank you.  In 2020 we look forward to continuing to provide posts that educate, enlighten and inform.

Below is a table of all the BajanThings posts to date.  We are constantly amused by the fact that the first few test posts we did while learning to use WordPress: Bajan Seasoning, Bajan Rum Punch, Bajan Hot Pepper Sauce and Bajan Fried Flying Fish keep floating to the top of the ranking thanks to Google’s search engine!  Excluding these 4 test posts, BajanThings has made 99 posts since its launch in December 2014 when the idea for this website was germinated over a few rums and beers following a family drive around the island with visiting cousins.

With the table below you can change the table sort order by clicking the arrows at the end of each of the header columns. You can sort the table alphabetically or by post date or by category or by number of unique viewers.

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Page/Post URL linkDateCategoryUnique Viewers – 2019Unique Viewers – All Time
to 20 Jan 2020
Home page / Archives2014/12/186,19941,498
Hiking in Barbados with The Barbados Hiking Association2017/12/28Bajan Hikes4,32810,955
Bajan Seasoning2014/12/21Caribbean classic recipes4,02316,483
Bajan Rum Punch2014/12/20Caribbean classic recipes3,11213,370
Bajan Hot Pepper Sauce2014/12/21Caribbean classic recipes2,54611,270
Thor Heyerdahl’s Ra Expeditions to Barbados: RA-I 1969, RA-II 19702015/08/05Bajan History2,3677,959
Chicken Rita’s. Where Bajan’s go for seasoned fried chicken!2015/07/02Bajan Restaurants2,0645,028
F/O Errol Walton Barrow, Navigator RAF World War II and Prime Minister of Barbados2019/03/12Bajan People1,8772,140
The Colin Hudson Great (Barbados) Train Hike2015/01/12Bajan Hikes1,8446,142
Torpedoing of the Cornwallis in Carlisle Bay, Barbados, 11th September 1942: 75th Anniversary2015/05/21Barbados during WWI and WWII1,6926,756
Bajan Fried Flying Fish2014/12/20Caribbean classic recipes1,4435,328
Hurricane Janet – 22 September 19552017/08/20Bajan People 1,2603,330
St. Philip, Barbados in the 1950’s & 1960’s. A very brief recollection of the people and events.2017/05/12Bajan People 1,0936,552
Memories of Bovell & Skeete 1960 to 19732019/06/25Bajan People847877
High Altitude Research Project (HARP) 1962 – 19672015/03/27Bajan History7973,469
Football (soccer) in Barbados in the 1950s & 1960s2018/04/10Bajan People 7232,495
Subscribe / Unsubscribe to BajanThings.com2015/03/315923,016
Anti Submarine & Torpedo Net – Carlisle Bay, Barbados 19422019/06/19Barbados during WWI and WWII581589
Keeping fish fresh before refrigeration2015/10/26Bajan History4991,481
Celestine’s Restaurant2016/07/05Bajan Restaurants4801,740
Millie gone to Brazil, Oh Lawd, poor Millie2019/08/06Bajan People477543
It was always hot – Memoirs of Col. Reginald T. Michelin, Commissioner of Barbados Police 1949-1953 post Col. Oriel St.A. Duke2019/09/04Bajan People455468
Cable & Wireless in Barbados2016/09/19Bajan History3881,497
Survivors arriving in Barbados in May 1942 from ships sunk by German U-Boats.2018/11/14Barbados during WWI and WWII3641,106
Barbados Hiking Association 2018 Hill Challenge2018/05/01Bajan Hikes362767
Cuba2019/09/12Burts International Travel 344349
Barbados Hiking Association 2019 Hill Challenge2019/05/01Bajan Hikes337348
Ben’s Spring2015/04/02Bajan History3231,166
Pitching Marbles in Barbados2018/05/09Bajan History322956
The Nidhe Israel Synagogue Mikveh: A Barbados Treasure from 16542017/05/17Bajan History3201,257
Barbados Blackwood Screwdock (dry dock)2018/12/03Bajan History320797
Contact Burts2014/12/202991,685
Lord Nelson’s statue – Bridgetown, Barbados2015/05/13Bajan History2901,622
Panama Canal2019/04/25Burts International Travel282289
The Great Outdoors Challenge 20192019/07/04Burts International Travel 265274
Operation Carlota – Cuba’s secret flights to Angola via Barbados.2018/08/01Bajan History2591,867
Welcome to BajanThings2014/12/202452,259
Dr. Colin Hudson – Agronomist, Environmentalist, Inventor and Hiker (1938 – 2004)2015/01/12Bajan People 241914
Arthur Hutchinson’s abandoned Lime Kiln at Ragged Point, Barbados2016/02/03Bajan History2351,793
British Ship: SS Scottish StarTorpedoed – 19th February 19422017/02/19Barbados during WWI and WWII2201,642
Barbados Hiking Association: Annual Hill Challenge2015/01/23Bajan Hikes2071,177
Sid Graham. A forgotten Bajan WWII hero (1920 – 2017)2015/09/06Barbados during WWI and WWII2031,522
Circuit of Cordillera Huayhuash – Peru2014/12/31My International Trekking 1961,167
Bajan Garveyites2019/10/24Bajan People191197
Mignon Lorraine Inniss: 19 Nov 1905 to 15 Jan 19952018/01/20Bajan People 183738
Nine Mornings – A St. Vincent and The Grenadines Christmas Tradition2016/12/14I was there!180699
St. Philip, Barbados in the 1950’s & 1960’s. Growing up in Wellhouse and Marley Vale in the 1960’s.2017/06/07Bajan People 1661,516
A sailing trip aboard the schooner Mary M. Lewis from Bridgetown to Georgetown – Summer 1939.2018/11/19Barbados during WWI and WWII166508
The Sinking of the Florence M. Douglas and the story of Douglas the Barbadian who joined the German Navy in WW2.2018/10/03Barbados during WWI and WWII162879
The Duke Affair – A West Indian versus the colonial establishment2018/04/18Bajan People 159896
Mendoza and Aconcagua. Wine and Mountains.2019/01/15Burts International Travel159162
Memorials for departed friends2015/06/12Bajan People 157905
Return to El Calafate & El Chalten – Argentina 20162016/11/23My International Trekking 155548
Old Doll. The Matriarch of Newton Plantation2016/07/30Bajan People 150497
Dr. Benjamin Bynoe (1803 – 1865)2015/01/16Bajan People 144874
Samuel Weatherhead (1756 – 1816)2015/01/26Bajan People 141593
The Bottom-up boulder between Bottom Bay and Harry Smith Beach, Barbados2015/08/16Geology of Barbados1381,345
The Wreck of the SV Countess of Ripon2015/12/06Bajan History137925
BajanThings four years on…2018/12/28Annual Review134322
Oistins Fish Fry – Barbados. Annies BBQ where locals go for lunch, dinner and a drink2015/11/11Bajan Restaurants129789
Scientific Studies of Coral Rock in Barbados2015/09/23Geology of Barbados127731
Hugh Morris Alleyne Skinner better known as ballet dancer Hugh Laing2017/10/25Bajan People 121534
The old Kensington Oval, Barbados – RIP2015/03/18Windies Cricket112925
Website Details2014/12/19112828
Adam Straughn (Straw) Waterman (1803 – 1887)2016/05/07Bajan People 111712
Stede Bonnett. 1688 -17182017/08/15Bajan People 1071,164
Blue Box Cart. The growing years 1982 to 19912015/08/31Bajan History1051,275
The Great Outdoor (TGO) Challenge 2015 – Scotland2015/06/17My International Trekking 105666
William M. H. Greaves (1897 – 1955)2015/01/28Bajan People 101329
Privacy Policy2018/05/0199200
International Communication in Barbados 50 years ago.2017/03/15Bajan History96491
The Seimstrand, St. Vincent & The Grenadines2015/05/28I was there!941,339
The loss of The Kent – a letter in a bottle story2016/02/16Bajan History93617
Dr. Alain Bombard (1924 – 2005)2015/02/04Bajan History93565
John Frederick Bridgetower2016/03/27Bajan People 91799
Laggan Stores and Coffee Bothy2017/04/25My International Trekking 91365
The Wreck of the SV Nordenskjold2015/12/18Bajan History89798
Frederick Gustave Ameile Delisle Saphile Wooding Deane RAMC FRCS Nov 1859 to 31 Oct 19352018/03/14Barbados during WWI and WWII89511
Boer Camp Pasture – St. Philip2015/06/29Bajan History78551
Barbados by FM Endlich – American Naturalist, March 18822018/05/30Bajan History78362
Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal.2017/11/22My International Trekking 69512
Capt. William T. Shorey (1859 – 1919)2015/01/19Bajan people 68260
Feuding Chase brothers vault – Christ Church Parish church, Barbados2016/05/02Bajan People 67553
The Great Outdoor Challenge 20182018/06/27My International Trekking 65443
SS Quaker City. Torpedoed 18th May 1942. The story of John Heller.2018/08/14Barbados during WWI and WWII63707
Vice Admiral Henry C. Bovell (1893 – 1963)2015/02/02Bajan People 62478
Hiking with the Barbados National Trust2015/01/05Bajan Hikes61613
The Great Outdoor (TGO) Challenge 2012 & 2013. A 14 day hike across Scotland2015/01/11My International Trekking 53510
Hurricane Ivan 2004 – Emergency radio service in Grenada2015/04/14I was there!53480
Richard Clement Moody2017/02/22Bajan People 48590
A short walk through Knoydart, Kinloch Hourn, River Croe and Glen Affric in Scotland.2017/06/22My International Trekking 47349
Colin Hudson Great Train Hike 20152015/02/20Bajan Hikes45299
Barbados Hiking Association: Sagicor 2015 Hill Challenge2015/04/26Bajan Hikes44357
BajanThings one year on…2015/12/21Annual Review41536
2nd Lt Walter Tull – first black infantry officer in British Army (1888 – 1918)2015/09/13Barbados during WWI and WWII38517
BOMEX (Barbados Oceanographic & Meteorological Experiment) -19692015/01/25Bajan History36283
Payload Fairing from Soyuz flight VS13 washes up at Bathsheba 48 days after launch2016/02/10Bajan History34350
Crop Over 1988 – Mac Fingall2015/04/06I was there!31263
Three Man Well – Woodbourne Valley2015/03/11Bajan History30335
The Great Outdoors (TGO) Challenge 20162016/06/06My International Trekking 28597
A day trip to Mustique – St. Vincent & The Grenadines2015/06/03I was there!28322
Olaudah Equiano 1745 to 1797 (Slavery Abolitionists)2017/07/18Bajan History26559
Operation Golden Gun2016/09/25Bajan History26460
BajanThings three years on…2017/12/17Annual Review24565
Mount Roraima – Venezuela2014/12/21My International Trekking 24492
El Calafate & El Chalten – Argentina 20102015/01/30My International Trekking 24342
Joe Fortes (1863 – 1922)2015/01/20Bajan people 22345
Run Barbados Marathon Weekend 20162016/04/06Bajan Hikes22118
The Great Outdoor (TGO) Challenge 2015 – Scotland. A walk to the Park!2015/05/03My International Trekking 20524
Run Barbados Marathon – Fri 4 Dec to Sun 6 Dec 2015Fun Mile, 5km, 10km, Half Marathon & Full Marathon2015/07/25Bajan Hikes20364
Boiling Lake hike – Dominica2015/03/03My International Trekking 19221
Parque Nacional Torres del Paine – Chile2016/11/08My International Trekking 15140
Run Barbados Marathon Weekend 20172017/04/05Bajan Hikes13290
Baby Burts trialling for the Windies cricket team!2015/06/10Windies Cricket13128
BajanThings two years on…2016/12/20Annual Review11332
Revd. James Leith Moody: 1816 – 18962018/06/13Bajan People 11211
Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania2015/02/13My International Trekking 11148
Palatinate Forest, Germany.2018/07/17My International Trekking 10137
Coming soon…2014/12/18979
Bajan & Trini sports ambassadors – HK Sevens, March 20142015/04/09I was there!885
Antarctica2015/01/18My International Trekking 6102
Ushuaia – Argentina2015/04/20My International Trekking 694
Efficient or Effective customer service? Process gone wrong2015/10/12I was there!5114

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